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Why Strong Branding For Your Business Is More Important Than Ever

We’ve all seen those businesses that, from just walking by, you have zero desire to go into because their logo, street appeal, and/or window displays aren’t inviting or interesting at all! This can be a fault of the company's branding. We’re going to dive into some key topics of branding and how these pieces come together to make (or break) your brand. 

Branding is more than your company's logo, brand colors, or the fonts you use that define your brand. Branding is your story and your identity, as the owner. Every company, in part, was started because someone chose to capitalize on a specific market. Because, well maybe the market conditions were just right. Making a profit is always a contributing factor, but that’s not what makes your brand. 

Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” 

To say you started company X to make money is selling yourself short. Let's think about it- you could have chosen any letter combination in the world and yet you settled on your company's name. Why? What was it about the name that drove the point home for you? WHY did you pour money into the company, get no sleep for a month (or more), and work yourself practically insane, all to create an avenue for customers to buy your product or service? These are selling points that your customers don’t always want to hear but they want to feel it too. This is where branding can come in and be that voice for people, who you haven’t had the chance to even talk to yet and convert them to a customer.


Logos are your prospect's first impression of your brand and it's the point where they first decide; should I go in, or not? You want your logo to be eye-catching, sure, but it should have some of that “why” built into it. Is your brand serious or playful, corporate or casual, brand new or established?


Again, this relates back to you and the company's story. Sure, a lot of brands use colors that “look good together,” but maybe there’s a more meaningful connection to your company's message. We can look at color charts all day but if your model has a specific shade of pink that within the industry everyone would recognize - then we that’s worth exploring. 


There are virtually countless fonts out there. Pro tip - stay away from anything “free” when it comes to your branding. We get it, there are a lot of expenses when starting your new company - the curtains can wait, have a professional (or team of professionals at Symboliq) take care of this for you! 

Key Takeaways

If you’re thinking of starting a business, you’ve started a business that’s failing, or feel like you’ve lost your “North Star,” maybe it’s time to rethink your branding.

At Symboliq Media, we collaborate directly with you to ensure that your vision for your company matches the image that you showcase. Through our purposeful partnership, we will establish your brand in the eye of the consumer. We would love to work with you to tell your story and help connect your audience to your mission. By the end, you’ll have a brand worth coming to work for today and 50 years from now.

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