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4 Essential Parts of Establishing Brand Identity

Branding is not just about making a logo. Your brand represents your company as a whole. It represents your team, the services you offer, etc. In such a crowded marketplace, brand recognition and awareness is so important. But you can’t create brand recognition without strong branding that will capture the attention of your customers and prospects.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is the face of your business. It adds value to your company, services, ideas, and the overall presence of your brand. Brand identity is the one of the sole reasons you can generate loyal customers.

Brand identity includes numerous elements like brand colors, logo design, taglines, packaging, and symbols. The secondary level is associated with your target customers' psychographics. It appeals to their thinking, feelings, and expectations. 

How Can I Establish A Strong Brand Identity?

Establishing a strong brand identity is so important for your business. Take a look at some of the in-depth elements that go into creating strong branding:

Brand Colors

The psychology of color has a strong influence over customers and their purchasing decisions. This is because color makes people feel. And the way you feel has a much more impactful influence over you than thoughts. Choosing your brand colors needs to take the psychology of color into account. Not to mention, you’ll use your brand colors on everything you put out into the public. On your website, social media posts, email blasts, stationery, ads, etc. What do your brand colors say about your brand?

Logo Design

Logo, in easy words, it is a specific sign or symbol that indicates your business. Your logo should be unique to your brand and your market. It should stand out among competitors and be symbolic of your brand. Our designers specialize in primary, secondary, and tertiary logo design and have created many unique options that are fresh in each market and will grab your customer’s attention.

Tag Lines

Another branding focus point is whether you want a tagline for your company or not. Tag lines can be catchy or add a little more value as to what your company is about. Take Subway for example. Subway is a famous brand in the fast-food industry. However, the one-worded name of this brand doesn’t quickly identify the purpose of the company. Their tagline is “eat fresh.” This tagline is short, sweet, and to the point but helps identify what their products and services are in more detail.


Whether your product is in stores on shelves or your customers shop online, your packaging needs to not only grab people's attention but also maintain it while the verbiage further sells them on your company. Packaging can also help grow your social media presence and firmly plant your flag in the digital space.

By having a product that consumers WANT to pose with and share pictures with their friends, family, and hopefully their followers- you could become a trend, better yet a viral trend, where it becomes the "cool" thing to post about your products and showcase that the consumer is in a higher status.

All of that sounds great, right? Well it starts with putting the time and resources into making sure your packaging matches your branding and stands out from the crowd that much more. Learn more about packaging.

Tips for Branding in 2020

Branding has changed over time. Sometimes you can just look at a brand and tell it is outdated and could use a face lift. In 2020, branding has shifted to appeal more to the customer experience. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the branding trends in 2020:

  • Geometric logos
  • Vintage-looking branding
  • Small on-brand details
  • 3D fonts
  • More visuals, less copy


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